Aggressive And Proven Criminal Defense

During the course of more than two decades practicing criminal defense law, attorney Matthew J. Mankey has earned a stellar reputation among judges, prosecutors and other significant figures in Minnesota's municipal, state and federal judicial systems.

Mankey Law Office in Golden Valley is noted for its professional yet personal approach, as well as an unwavering commitment to its clients' best interests. We aggressively protect our clients' rights through every phase of the judicial process. To learn how we can help you, call 612-424-9454 or send us an email and schedule a free consultation.

At the same time, experience tells us that the best possible outcome for those who face criminal charges cannot always be a "not guilty" verdict. Some lawyers overpromise results. Unfortunately, their clients usually discover this after it's too late to do anything about it.

We represent Minneapolis area juveniles who face criminal charges in the juvenile court system or those who may face penalties in an adult court system. The juvenile justice system is significantly different from adult courts. It is critical to retain a lawyer who is familiar with how the juvenile system operates.

Whether you are dealing with DUI, a sex crime or any other criminal charge, we assess each case on its individual merits during a free consultation and provide a straightforward assessment of what we believe can be achieved. Our primary objective is to minimize the impact that a criminal charge has on someone's life. That may be accomplished by going to trial and proving a client's innocence or by negotiating with prosecutors for decreased charges or alternative sentencing.

A Defense Lawyer Who Fights For Your Best Interests

Attorney Mankey consistently produces positive outcomes through diligent preparation, open communication and a thorough knowledge of the law. Our team understands the nuances and key points that can turn cases around. We will use expert investigators and independent laboratories to conduct our own tests, collect our own evidence and take a number of other important steps to bolster your defense.

We push the government to prove every aspect of its case. We demand complete disclosure and receive the utmost respect from prosecutors and investigators because of the strong reputation we have earned over the years. When we do negotiate with prosecutors, we do so from a position of strength because they know we will go to trial if a fair agreement cannot be reached.

If you select us to represent you, we will always take the time to explain all of your options, as well as the short-term and long-term ramifications of each decision. We want you to play a key role in the decision-making process. It's our experience that informed clients are engaged clients, and engaged clients help produce positive results.

Schedule A Free Consultation

We will review the facts of your case during a free consultation and recommend the best steps to take next. Call 612-424-9454 or email us to schedule your free and confidential criminal defense consultation. Our Golden Valley office is easily accessible from throughout the Twin Cities metro area, located just off I-394.