"My husband and I never had any experience with the criminal justice system and had no idea what to do or what to expect. My husband was arrested on a Friday and I was able to get a hold of Mr. Mankey on the phone on Saturday, where other firms went to voicemail, and he met with me in person on Sunday. We found Mr. Mankey to be intelligent, thoughtful, experienced, and straightforward. He gave us excellent guidance on what we needed to do have a better outcome in court and advised us on all of our options. He worked and fought hard for my husband who could have been easily railroaded by a difficult prosecutor who only saw him as a name and a charge. Mr. Mankey helped the court to understand our family's crisis situation and as a result we were able to get the best resolution possible. He was able to get my husband's serious charge considered a misdemeanor which means he's eligible expungement much sooner. We are so grateful that we hired Mr. Mankey and in a couple of years when my husband is eligible to have his record expunged we will seek Mr. Mankey's help again."

"My wife and I recently sought Matthew's help to resolve a desperate family situation. Mr. Mankey, who was recommended to us by an attorney we greatly respect, proved to be the perfect choice. Matthew is experienced, confident, and thoughtful. He has a deep knowledge of the law, and a determination to fight for his clients. In our first meeting, Matthew put us at ease. He listened carefully, and was quickly able to formulate a meaningful plan of action. As the hearing approached, Matthew proved to be a man of his word: he was prepared, thorough, and kept us informed each step of the way. Mr. Mankey negotiated firmly with the prosecution, and spoke convincingly before the judge. The successful result we received has meant so much to our entire family. We are deeply grateful for his efforts, and the hard work of his excellent staff."
- E.M.

"Matt, I just want to thank you for your hard work and support doing this case. I learn a lot about the federal law from you ... Matt, I hope you continue to be a good, understanding lawyer."
- D.F.

"I was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and assault causing substantial bodily harm. I was acting in self-defense however and Mr. Mankey took the case to trial and we won. He was sensitive to the fact that my wife and I didn't have a lot of money. He is a great trial lawyer and he was thoroughly prepared. I will always be thankful to him for the fantastic job he did."
- R.A.