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Dog Sniff at Apartment Door only Requires Reasonable Suspicion

Recently Mankey Law Office was retained to defend a client charged with two counts of felony threats of violence. It was alleged that the client threatened neighbors with a gun over a dispute involving the neighbors pit bulls. The client had a clean criminal history and vehemently denied engaging in the behavior. After careful review of the body camera footage worn by the responding officers it became clear that the allegations made by the complainants simply could not have happened as was reported. The Ramsey County Attorney assigned to the case listened carefully at the pretrial conference and agreed to re-review the video taking into account the problems that Mr. Mankey saw with the State's case. After she did so she decided that the case should be dismissed. We are happy for the outcome for our client but we also believe that the prosecutor should be commended. Our criminal justice system is designed to be adversarial and it is rare indeed when a prosecutor seeks a just result rather than blindly seeking a conviction for every case charged. This is how the system is supposed to work. We are pleased with this result.

Availability in labor opening up opportunities for those with criminal past

The Minneapolis Star Tribune recently published an article in which it reports that the shortage of available labor is opening up employment opportunities for people who have served time in prison. This is good news not only for the former convicts but also for society at large. The article reports that close to 60% of Minnesota inmates are back in prison within two years of their release. Giving former offenders the ability to work with dignity is perhaps the best way to insure that inmates do not re-offend and return to prison. We at Mankey Law Office have been asserting this for years. It should surprise no one that people return to prison when employers refuse to hire former inmates. In a country that incarcerates more people per capita than any other industrialized country it is imperative that former offenders be given at least an opportunity to lead a productive lives.

Criminal charges have far-reaching consequences for the accused

Being accused of a crime is a pivotal moment in any person's life. A criminal charge can have a wide range of effects that last a very long time. There are the legal consequences of a criminal charge, such as the jail time associated with the crime, the fines associated with the charge, and probation -- just to name a few. 

N-Dex database being rolled out to police in Minneapolis

Police in Minneapolis are poised to have more information to help them solve crimes. Among other things, the N-Dex database, created and used by the FBI, will make it easier for law enforcement officers to quickly get information about criminals across state lines. That can lead to a suspect being apprehended before they have a chance to commit another crime, which makes the database access very valuable to them.

Take action if your child is charged with shoplifting

If your child has been accused of shoplifting, it is important to take action to get them good legal representation right away. While in some cases it may make sense to reach a deal or agreement, the charge can also be challenged. There are ways to fight against a shoplifting charge, but it's harder to do on your own. You need an attorney who knows the law in that area, and who will use all the proper defenses to the charge.

Understanding defenses to accusation of criminal trespass

Though likely not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about criminal charges, the consequences for criminal trespass can be harsh. If you or a loved one has been accused of criminal trespass, you should know that there are defenses you can raise to this charge or accusation.

Clowning Around on Social Media Can Lead to Criminal Charges

It's no secret that today's teens spend a lot of their time interacting on social media. To many, it can feel like they are in their own world, even if part of them understands that much of what they post online can be seen, and even taken seriously, by the general public. Recently, one Minnesota girl seemingly took things too far when she impersonated a scary clown online and attempted to spook her boyfriend. Unfortunately, the threats she made as the clown character reached far beyond her immediate social circle, and many people were far from amused. Now, the 15-year-old girl is facing frightening circumstances of her own-criminal charges.

Court decision erodes individual liberties

It is well-settled law that the remedy for illegally obtained evidence is suppression of that evidence. The bedrock principal of law was cracked significantly by the United States Supreme court on June 20th. Justice Clarence Thomas writing for the majority further eroded citizens' Fourth Amendment rights when the court decided the case of Utah v. Strieff.

What You Should Know About Miranda Warnings

The Miranda Warning is staple on many popular cop shows. While many may be aware of the now 50-year-old warning, it is likely that few really understand the way it works. Among other things it advises a suspect that they do not have to talk to authorities but that if they do, it could be used against them later at trial. In addition, it also provides suspects the right to a lawyer. While seemingly straightforward on its face, there are components of the warning the average citizen is likely unaware of.

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