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Drunk Driving Archives

What criminal penalties could result following a DWI?

It is nerve wracking to get pulled over by a police officer; however, it is even worse when a driver discovers that the officer suspects that he or she is under the influence of alcohol. Drunk driving a charge that could result in serious penalties, especially if the driver has a past record of DWIs.

Defending a drunk driving charge is not impossible

Drunk driving is a very serious charge and, understandably, many people think that those who are accused of the the crime are guilty before they even go to trial -- or before the criminal process even truly gets going. However, there are certainly effective ways for people who are accused of drunk driving to build a defense that holds water.

Drugged driving surpasses drunk driving in fatal wrecks

A report released by the combined efforts of the Governors Highway Safety Association and the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility found that drugs are now more likely to be the cause of a fatal accident than intoxication due to alcohol. The results are surprising because this is the first time alcohol has been surpassed by drugs in this context.

On DUI expungement, and why it is still important

In our last post, we talked about expungement and how the Minnesota Supreme Court narrowly decided that the "Second Chance" law in this state did not apply to an individual who had criminal conviction downgraded to a misdemeanor. This meant he would not be able to expunge the conviction.

The perils of a DWI conviction if you have a commercial license

Getting a DWI can be very serious, but for those with a commercial driver's license (CDL), it can also mean a loss of their ability to work. That's because Minnesota drivers who get a DWI will lose more than just their regular driving privileges. They also lose access to their CDL, which will generally cost them their job. In some cases a driver may be able to switch to a different job with the same company so they can continue working, but in a lot of cases the driver will be fired because they can no longer do their job and the company's insurance premiums to keep them on the payroll will rise too high to be acceptable.

Discussing DUI/DWI law in Minnesota

The state of Minnesota, as is the case for every state in the country, recognizes the 0.08 blood alcohol limit for drivers. Anyone over that level can be arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. However, there are other circumstances that can lead to a DUI arrest, just as there are many different consequences that can be applied to a person who charged with such an offense.

Consider the financial factors of a DUI

Being accused of drunk driving is a serious time in any person's life. There are massive legal penalties that accompany such a charge. You can lose your license, your car will be impounded, you could be jailed for an extended period and, for many, you will suffer penalties that extend well beyond the legal penalties. What we are talking about here is the financial cost of a DUI.

DWI Repeat Offenders Could See Harsher Sentence In Fatal Crashes

Most residents of the state of Minnesota are likely aware that drunk driving convictions can lead to serious penalties. As is the case with virtually every law, those pertaining to DWI can, and do, change. Last summer a new law concerning fatal drunk driving crashes was passed. The change makes the consequences for a conviction, under some circumstances, harsher than they previously were.

U.S. Supreme Court Considers State's Implied Consent Law

Criminal laws in the state of Minnesota are not set in stone. They can change as a result of actions taken by lawmakers as well as court decisions. Depending on how the U.S. Supreme Court rules on a case it is currently considering, the state could see a change where the administration of breath tests is concerned.

Woman charged with DUI in Minnesota after crash

In order to effectively address criminal charges, accused individuals may wish to become more knowledgeable on various legal subjects. Understanding what DUI charges mean and how they could potentially affect a person's situation may help an accused person decide which legal strategies may work best. One woman may be hoping to find the path with which she is most comfortable after being charged in Minnesota.

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