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Violent Crimes Archives

First-degree murder is penalized harshly in Minnesota

First-degree murder is the most serious form of murder that you can be charged with. Not all murders are the same, so there are different kinds of killings that could be charged as first-degree murders. In all cases, there are factors called aggravating factors that play a role in the potential penalties you'll face.

Minnesota woman faces criminal charges after a prank gone wrong

Facing criminal charges can be a shocking and overwhelming experience. For some accused individuals in Minnesota and elsewhere, being charged with a crime is more than unforeseen. Whether it is due to supposed carelessness or allegedly intentional misconduct, some defendants could face serious criminal allegation. Therefore, even in the most unexpected situation, defendants should understand that they have criminal defense options available to them.

Violent crime in Minneapolis increased in 2016

According to 2016 data from officials in the city of Minneapolis, violent crimes increased a bit in 2016 when compared to 2015. Last year, there were 4,605 violent incidents in the city of Minneapolis, whereas in 2015 there were 4,417 such incidents. That's a 4.3 percent increase year over year.

The five degrees of assault in Minnesota

Assault charges are relatively common in the world of criminal offenses, and even though they relate to a violent crime that should be taken notice of, these charges are often glossed over by the public at large simply because of their ubiquity. Today, we would like to dive a little deeper into assault charges and explain what they mean for the defendant and what types of assault charges can be filed against an individual.

DWI charge brought against Minnesota trooper

Refusing to take a breath test when suspected of driving under the influence could cause complications for an individual. However, some parties may risk mandatory penalties if they feel not taking the test is warranted. In such cases, parties who have been taken into custody for DWI may wish to find out more on how to challenge such penalties as well as defend against the criminal charges.

Charges pending against woman in Minnesota for alleged gun crime

Figuring out the best way to approach a situation can depend heavily on the circumstances of the issue. For individuals accused of gun crime, determining the manner in which they would like to address charges may not always be easy. As a result, they may wish to assess their case in order to better understand which legal paths may work in their best interests. 

Possession of firearm, murder charges filed in Minnesota

A recent incident in Minnesota has three men facing serious charges. Among those charges are illegal possession of firearm and murder. These allegations reportedly stem from a shooting that allegedly took place at a motel. Police were called to the scene after receiving a call about several gunshots being heard in a motel room. Authorities suspected that drug activity was involved.

Gun crime: Minnesota man facing federal charges for firearm sales

It was recently reported that a man in Minnesota is facing a serious legal predicament relating to the alleged sale of firearms. The gun crime reportedly took place when the man would buy and sell weapons over the Internet. Reports stated that the man would purportedly buy firearms from licensed sellers from other states through online auctions. He would then allegedly sell them on another website though he did not have a license.

Gun crime: Minnesota man facing murder charge

Serious charges can result from situations in which deadly weapons are suspected to have been used. An individual facing gun crime allegations could be charged with possession, assault or even murder. If a person has been accused of illegal activity involving a gun or other dangerous weapon, gaining an understanding of the pending charges and coming court proceedings will be essential in preparing and presenting a focused defense.

Domestic violence convictions on the rise

More than 1 million women are victims of assault at the hands of an intimate partner every year, according to the National Coalition of Domestic Violence. A lesser reported statistic is how many people are at the other end of the spectrum: falsely accused of domestic violence, or overcharged for an incident.

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