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Photo of Matthew J. Mankey

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Criminal charges can easily affect your freedom, your family, your future and your career. The most important thing is to act quickly and speak with a criminal defense lawyer who will fight to minimize the damage.

For more than 30 years, Matthew J. Mankey has defended those charged with a broad spectrum of state and federal charges, including violent crimes, sex offenses, drug possession and/or distribution, DUI and domestic assault.

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Time is not on your side, if you have been charged with a crime. You need to make decisions quickly. Here are several reasons to call Matthew Mankey now:

24/7 legal advice – Your call is answered even if it is after hours or on weekends (this is most often when you need advice).
Trial-tested results – Too many lawyers quickly negotiate a deal even when it is not in your best interests. Mr. Mankey does not. He has won at trial and will fight for you whatever it takes.
Respect – Involvement in the criminal justice system does not reflect your overall character. You’ll work directly with Mr. Mankey from start to finish not a junior attorney or legal assistant.
Details – Cases are won or lost based on details and preparation. Our team interviews witnesses, hires investigators and researches the law to present the toughest defense.

When you are informed, you better assist in your own defense. Matthew Mankey takes the time to explain the charges, potential short- and long-term consequences and available options.

Victories & Proven

Case Dismissed

On January 27th of this year Mankey Law Office secured the freedom for a client charged with multiple counts of criminal sexual conduct in the Second Degree by forcing the State to dismiss all the charges. The State sought to introduce a video of the alleged child victim without requiring the child herself to testify. We were able to convince the Court that such a course of action would violate our client’s right to confront his accuser reasoning that a videotape can’t be cross examined. The Court agreed and insisted that the State either produce the child for testimony or dismiss the case. We were able to convince the State that such a strategy would backfire as the child’s testimony was wildly inconsistent. Another victory for Mankey Law and a tremendous relief for the very appreciative client.

Federal Jury Trial Victory

Federal Court criminal sexual conduct of a child jury trial victory . The government enjoys a 98% conviction rate, however, calm but assertive cross examination of the alleged victim and other government witnesses made it clear the 19 rapes could not possibly have occurred.

Dismissal At Pretrial Conference

Ramsey County assault with a dangerous weapon and terroristic threats charges were dismissed at a pretrial after a careful review of body camera and squad video. Mr. Mankey was able to convince the prosecutor that she couldn’t possibly prove her case because alleged victim statements were inconsistent with what was on the videos.

Lenient Sentence

Nicollet County first-degree burglary amended to a second degree and then sentenced as a gross misdemeanor. Mr. Mankey argued that while all the elements of the offense were proven, this case fell outside the “heartland” of usual burglary cases and was able to obtain the lenient sentence that included no executed jail time.

Fighting Immigration Consequences

D.D. represented himself in a misdemeanor case, was convicted and placed on probation for one year. He was subsequently denied naturalization by an immigration judge because he had 9 more months of probation remaining. The immigration firm informed Mr. Mankey that they had 2 weeks to appeal the immigration judge’s decision. Mr. Mankey got D.D. discharged from probation in 48 hours. D.D. was subsequently granted his United States citizenship.

DWI Victory

DWI (drug) victory in Washington County. Client had many medical problems and was prescribed many drugs, including opiates. Through the use of a pharmacologist Mr. Mankey was able to convince the state that even drugs that the client had in his bloodstream for which he did not have prescriptions were metabolites of his legally prescribed drugs. Prosecutor dismissed the case.

Sentence Reduction In Federal Heroin Case

Federal heroin distribution case where defendant’s guideline sentencing range was 210-262 months imprisonment. Mr. Mankey was able to convince the judge to sentence his client to only 36 months.

Felon In Possession Results

Federal felon in Possession case with a guideline sentencing range of 10 years. Mr. Mankey negotiated a plea to a lesser charge with a statutory maximum of 5 years but then convinced the sentencing judge to vary downward to 50 months saving the client over 6 years in prison.

Felony To Misdemeanor

Sherburne County felony criminal damage to Property. K.D. was caught on video tape vandalizing a middle school in the middle of the night on the day his divorce became final. Even though there was irrefutable evidence of K.D.’s guilt, Mr. Mankey took the case to trial to fully explain why K.D. behaved so irrationally. The jury convicted but the judge after hearing the full story, sentenced K.D. to a misdemeanor.

Novel Approach To Avoid Permanent Criminal Record

K.W. embezzled more than what is allowable to be eligible for a diversion program. Mr. Mankey was able to get the county attorney to accept a pay down of the money owed to a level that made her eligible for diversion. She will have no permanent record.

Defense Of A Loved One

Sherburne County second-degree assault. Evidence that client hit a co-worker with a metal pipe was strong but Mr. Mankey tried the case and convinced the jury that his client was merely protecting his wife from the victim’s unwanted sexual advances. Jury acquitted on the second-degree case and convicted on a misdemeanor.
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