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Protect Your Constitutional Rights When Charged With A Cocaine Crime

The War on Drugs continues to rage with every investigation and arrest targeting alleged offenders. Law enforcement agencies and prosecutors are aggressively pursuing cases against defendants. Regardless of what happened leading up to your arrest including the investigation phase of a prosecution, you are now in an extremely serious situation. A criminal record for a drug offense not only has immediate consequences but also can have long-term effects as well.

Time is of the essence. The earlier you seek counsel from an experienced attorney the chances of a favorable outcome are significantly increased.

Once the prosecutorial forces of the government, state or federal, are brought to bear on you, it is extremely important that you engage an experienced, dedicated defense lawyer.

Call attorney Matthew Mankey at 612-424-9454 to begin the conversation about how to limit the damage now.

Cocaine And Crack Cocaine In Minnesota

Both powder cocaine and crack cocaine have a long history as popular controlled substances in our state. Unlike Marijuana that is gaining some acceptance among the general population, powder and crack cocaine continue to be vigorously and aggressively prosecuted.

Law enforcement not only is focusing on “kingpins” but also on the casual user. Sometimes even proximity to others who possess narcotics can result in criminal charges

Regardless of the facts behind your drug crime arrest, remember that you enjoy protections guaranteed by the constitution but it is up to you to assert them. Everyone charged with a crime deserves a fair, competent and thorough defense. We all have rights under the U.S. Constitution. Mankey Law Office is here to inform you of those rights and devise strategies for how to use them in crafting your defense.

Were Any Of These Elements A Factor In Your Arrest?

We mount a vigorous defense regardless of the facts of the case. We painstakingly analyze police reports, witness statements and electronic data to first determine if the evidence was gathered legally. If it was not it is subject to suppression.

  • When police violate an individual’s constitutional rights or rights guaranteed by other laws, the Mankey Law Office will as a matter of practice in all cases make motions to suppress or otherwise preclude the state from using such illegally obtained evidence. This is true whether the issue is based on illegal search and seizure, statements, and confessions. We vigorously argue that such evidence should not be admitted before the court.
  • We force prosecutors to meet their burden by proving all elements of an offense

We also utilize the same strategies when dealing with federal agencies like the Drug Enforcement Agency to disprove their theories of federal drug conspiracy for which there are very severe consequences.

Tackle Your Cocaine-Related Drug Charges Without Delay

When you contact our law firm, you can count on straightforward guidance designed to protect your best interests. The sooner we start defending you from charges of cocaine offenses, the more opportunities for favorable outcomes we can help you pursue.

Do not postpone the conversation you need to have as soon as possible after an arrest based on allegations of possession, distribution, trafficking or conspiracy involving cocaine or crack cocaine. Send an email or call 612-424-9454 today to schedule a free consultation with attorney Matthew J. Mankey.