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Helping Individuals Convicted Of A Crime File An Appeal

The outcome of a criminal trial is never guaranteed and sometimes it does not go as hoped for the accused. While feeling defeated in this situation is understandable, in some cases it may be possible to appeal a conviction. When doing so, it is vital to work with a lawyer who has experience handling appellate cases.

Based in Golden Valley, Minnesota, Matthew J. Mankey of Mankey Law Office represents individuals convicted of a crime who have grounds to file an appeal.

What Happens In A Criminal Appeal?

The goal of an appeal will vary depending on your specific situation. In the course of an appeal, the original case is not retried. Instead, the reviewing court will look at the evidence presented in the course of the trial to determine whether a new trial or sentence is warranted, or if the case should be dismissed completely.

In determining whether a new sentence or trial should be granted, the appellate court will be looking to see if there is any evidence that the sentence handed down or decision reached was materially or substantially erroneous legally. Specifically, an appellant can assert one of four errors occurred at trial:

  • The verdict is not supported by the evidence presented at trial.
  • The appellant’s right to a fair trial was hindered due to ineffective legal representation.
  • When ruling on a matter in the course of the trial, the judge abused his or her discretion.
  • A plain error occurred that, despite not being brought to the attention of the judge at trial, affects the appellant’s substantial rights.

Explore Your Appeal Options Today

A successful appeal could dramatically change your future. Minneapolis-area attorney Matthew Mankey understands this. To learn more about whether it makes sense for you to appeal your conviction, call 612-424-9454 to speak with a lawyer at the Mankey Law Office. You can also contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation.