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Read more about what past clients have to say about working with attorney Matthew Mankey:

Positive Results – Personal Service

I was charged with several crimes resulting from an altercation with my ex-boyfriend. Unfortunately, the charges triggered a probation violation as well. Mr. Mankey walked me through the process of getting a restraining order against him without charging me for that part of the representation because he knew hiring him on the new charge and probation violation would be tough on me. No, he isn’t inexpensive but we got superb results. I would highly recommend him.

Perhaps most important is that he really cared about me. He would call or text just to see how I was doing. He supported my sobriety and continues to stay in contact with me even though my cases are resolved. He knew everyone in the courthouse, the judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, clerks and even the bailiffs. He is very knowledgeable about the law and can cite cases and statutes off the top of his head. I will be forever grateful that I retained Mr. Mankey. He was the right man for the job. — M.M.

They Saved My Husband’s Life | Best Attorney

“First in for most I want to thank Mathew Mankey & his Paralegal Heidi Kempin. They saved my husband life!! My husband was facing 30+ years, with the hard work, dedication to his job, spending time to get to know us as a family, to know exactly what was going on. Mathew & Heidi went over & beyond the expectations we had. They treated us as family. They answered every phone call/text message/email we sent no matter what time of day or night it was! I can’t thank them enough!!! We will forever hold a special place in our hearts for them. Always referred them to everyone! My husband ended up with 36 months, that was a blessing. Thank God Mathew was his lawyer, not a lot of lawyers actually take the time to get to know you, & fight for what is right! When & if you use him. It’s worth every penny! Just know you have a stand up guy here! Thank you again Mathew & Heidi!” — N.G.

Fast Response | Best Attorney

“Honestly Matthew is the best attorney I ever met. Let’s just say my parents were wrongfully detained during holiday time. No law firms were open when I found Matthew on Google and gave him a call, and he quickly called me back within 5 mins. I was alone trying to help my parents out, he not only helped me out with that but also made sure I was doing good emotionally. He showed me he cared about me and had compassion. He’s a great person and a great attorney.” — K.A.

Sentence Reduction And Personal Service

“Mr. Mankey I must say is a great attorney very knowledgeable and if ever in a situation again would use him for sure, as well as recommend him to anyone in a situation where they need to retain an attorney. At first I was facing X amount of time in DOC and must say after hiring Mr. Mankey I went from X amount of time to 1/4 of that actual time on house arrest. [A] great attorney who works hard for clients and gets to know you to better represent you.” — T.Y.

To The Heart Of The Matter | Dismissal

“My fiance’s teenage son was falsely accused by a misguided teenage female of illegal conduct. Lots of teen drama ensued, including threats of physical harm to fiance’s son. We tried to handle this by ourselves, bad idea. The legal system is not a place for wanna be lawyers. We retained Mr. Mankey, GOOD IDEA! He quickly gathered the FACTS, presented our case to the Court and got this matter dismissed. Well done Mr. Mankey, well done indeed!” — J.T.

A Life Saver

“Matthew Mankey and his team of experts save lives! We went into a fight with both hands tied behinds our backs and walked away a winner against the United States Federal Government!!” — A.T.

Proactive Legal Representation And Case Dismissals

“I needed help but I also needed a good and affordable lawyer so I looked around and I found Mankey Law Office. I went to see Mankey Law Office and they made me feel that they’re someone I could trust and be comfortable with. They changed my court date so they can work better on my case because my court date was coming up way to soon and they couldn’t work to make my case better. When my court date came, I didn’t even see the judge because Matthew got there before me and dismissed my case. I know I made the best choice because he made me feel safe and that he is very trustworthy.” — E.T.

“Caught up in a case that should have never been charged by prosecutor. I had to get representation and luckily I somehow found and hired Mathew Mankey. He got my case dismissed. Good lawyers aren’t cheap but your freedom is priceless. Thank you, Matthew!” — Anonymous

Personal Attention And Unheard Of Outcomes

“I have been a client of Mr. Mankey for nearly 20 years. He has represented me on multiple cases, and he has personally handled every court appearance. He has personally returned EVERY phone call that I have ever made to him, including after hours or weekend calls, (he normally actually answers his after hours number personally.) He has invested so much time defending me, and has been more than willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve the best possible result in my defense. He doesn’t cut corners, or leave his client wondering what is going on, he keeps you informed and explains the process in terms that someone that is not in the legal field can understand. His representation of my cases have had outcomes that are completely unheard of, and because of Mr. Mankey’s legal expertise, and commitment to his profession and first and foremost, his client, he has helped me to still have a successful life, after some of the poor choices that I have made. Mr. Mankey’s services come with my highest regard and recommendation.” — L.H.

Calm And Strategic

“In a time of desperation and overwhelming fear, my family and I searched the white pages in hopes of finding anyone that could help. Matthew Mankey’s name really stuck out to me and so I frantically called. Right away Matthew was very personable and calming. He really listened to what I had to say. On our first meeting, Matthew made it clear that he was here to help us and take us under his wing throughout this legal process. He thoroughly explained the situation so that we could understand and be reassured. Throughout the many months after, Matthew became family to us. It was great to work with a lawyer who was so strategic and personable. In the end, we walked away with the results we wanted and a good mentor.” — A.S.

Responsive Service — Even After Hours

“Matthew Mankey helped me through a major case where I was being charged for a pretty big federal felony. With his knowledge and many years of experience he worked my case and brought it to the smallest possible charge with no prison time and only 1.5 year probation. Whenever I had a question or needed help he would always answer or call me right back. Never had a worry about wondering what’s going to happen as Mankey had explained to me the entire process and procedures right from the start. Once again Matthew I would like to say thank you!” — AV

“My husband and I never had any experience with the criminal justice system and had no idea what to do or what to expect. My husband was arrested on a Friday and I was able to get a hold of Mr. Mankey on the phone on Saturday, where other firms went to voicemail, and he met with me in person on Sunday. We found Mr. Mankey to be intelligent, thoughtful, experienced, and straightforward. He gave us excellent guidance on what we needed to do to have a better outcome in court and advised us on all of our options. He worked and fought hard for my husband who could have been easily railroaded by a difficult prosecutor who only saw him as a name and a charge. Mr. Mankey helped the court to understand our family’s crisis situation and as a result we were able to get the best resolution possible. He was able to get my husband’s serious charge considered a misdemeanor which means he’s eligible expungement much sooner. We are so grateful that we hired Mr. Mankey and in a couple of years when my husband is eligible to have his record expunged we will seek Mr. Mankey’s help again.” — Anonymous

Charming, Witty And Personable

“I’m a transgender woman who was arrested for domestic violence after an altercation from the cops. The incident was incredibly aberrant to my spouse and my relationship and she did not want to press charges, as she was the actual aggressor in the incident. The city, however, did press charges. Mankey met me in jail, and took care of me and my spouse through the whole ordeal. In the end, we got the exact plea of public disturbance we wanted with no real fine. Mankey was charming, witty, and personable with important connections and a great understanding of mine and my spouse’s needs.” — B.K.

Deep Knowledge Of Minnesota Criminal Law + Determination

“My wife and I recently sought Matthew’s help to resolve a desperate family situation. Mr. Mankey, who was recommended to us by an attorney we greatly respect, proved to be the perfect choice. Matthew is experienced, confident, and thoughtful. He has a deep knowledge of the law, and a determination to fight for his clients. In our first meeting, Matthew put us at ease. He listened carefully, and was quickly able to formulate a meaningful plan of action. As the hearing approached, Matthew proved to be a man of his word: he was prepared, thorough, and kept us informed each step of the way. Mr. Mankey negotiated firmly with the prosecution, and spoke convincingly before the judge. The successful result we received has meant so much to our entire family. We are deeply grateful for his efforts, and the hard work of his excellent staff.” — E.M.

An Understanding Lawyer

“Matt, I just want to thank you for your hard work and support during this case. I learn a lot about the federal law from you … Matt, I hope you continue to be a good, understanding lawyer.” — D.F.

Throughout Preparation

“I was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and assault causing substantial bodily harm. I was acting in self-defense however and Mr. Mankey took the case to trial and we won. He was sensitive to the fact that my wife and I didn’t have a lot of money. He is a great trial lawyer and he was thoroughly prepared. I will always be thankful to him for the fantastic job he did.” — R.A.