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Defense In The Face Of Methamphetamine Charges

City Pages (in its December 6, 2018, online edition) reports that the use of meth – an illegal substance – is on the rise in Minnesota. The publication states that, “A third of all Minnesota counties are reporting that more people are seeking treatment for meth addiction than alcoholism.” It should be no surprise, then, that possession of methamphetamine is the most common drug crime in Minnesota.

Meth possession is just one type of drug crime associated with this substance. Others include:

  • Manufacture of methamphetamine
  • Possession of precursor drugs with the intent to manufacture meth
  • Sale of methamphetamine

Precursor drugs are substances or mixtures that (although they may be legal over-the-counter drugs) are obtained or kept with the purpose of creating meth from them. Possession of drug paraphernalia is also a crime.

Furthermore, once unauthorized people use a property as a manufacturing location (a “clandestine meth lab”), other criminal charges and civil penalties may arise associated with the inhabitation or sale of the property.

There are not as many prosecutions for manufacturing methamphetamine since our legislature made ephedrine, a necessary ingredient in methamphetamine production, largely unavailable in Minnesota. The vast majority of methamphetamine is now being imported from Mexico. The purity has increased and the cost has gone down.

Clearly, methamphetamines are a major drug abuse problem in our state. Many people get caught up in criminal investigations and arrests because of who they know, where they live and/or addiction problems they struggle with.

Why You Need Advice From An Experienced, Accomplished Defense Lawyer

What brought about your arrest on suspicion of a methamphetamine offense? What circumstances led to the arrest? What are your best opportunities for putting this legal problem behind you? At the Mankey Law Office in Golden Valley, your priorities – to stay out of jail, to avoid a criminal record and to have breathing room to address other problems once those goals are secured – are always at the forefront.

Complications in your life may have brought you to this point, but now that an investigation is underway or an arrest has occurred, you must address the legal challenge head-on. Protection of your constitutional rights is fundamental.

Your drug crime defense may become an opportunity to turn your life around. You may benefit from chemical dependency counseling or treatment. Participation in a drug abuse program may improve your legal prospects after an arrest. If we represent you, we will work to persuade a prosecutor or judge to allow you the opportunity to address the issue in a therapeutic rather than a punitive manner after a drug crime arrest.

Don’t Go At It Alone After A Methamphetamine Arrest – Get Answers Now

Do the right thing for your future. Consider our 27 years of experience in criminal defense throughout Minnesota. Let us provide the guidance you need to defend against allegations of methamphetamine possession, sale or manufacture

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