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Aggressive Representation For Those Facing Prescription Drug Charges

While street drugs may be the first thing that come to mind in connection with drug charges, under certain circumstances the possession and use of prescription drugs can lead to criminal charges as well. At the Mankey Law Office, serving Minneapolis and the western suburbs area, attorney Matthew J. Mankey recognizes that there are many nuances when it comes to the situations that lead to the criminal charges.

Fighting Criminal Charges Related To Prescription Drug Use

It is unquestionable that prescription drugs play an important role in the medical setting. When someone is injured or ill and suffering great pain, prescription opioids may be ordered to help address the pain. Some of the best known include: fentanyl, oxycodone (OxyContin), hydrocodone (Vicodin) and morphine. Because prescriptions are necessary to obtain these drugs, to get them a user may engage in other activities deemed criminal, such as prescription fraud or theft charges.

When Addiction Is An Underlying Cause

As the abuse of prescription drugs in the state of Minnesota continues to grow, people from all backgrounds are becoming addicted. That addiction can lead people to engage in criminal activities they never imagined they would do. When those crimes are nonviolent, treatment for drug abuse may be available as an alternative to incarceration.

Let A Knowledgeable Drug Crime Defense Lawyer Protect You

When you or a loved one faces criminal charges related to the illegal use of prescription drugs or related crimes, you may have legal options. Working with a lawyer who has a thorough understanding of the options that may be available is vital. Attorney Matthew Mankey helps people facing these types of charges. To learn how he can help you, contact him online for a free initial consultation or call the Mankey Law Office at 612-424-9454.