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Skilled Sex Crime Defense To Protect Your Child’s Future

If your child has been accused of sexual assault or another sex offense, you know how much is at stake. Even allegations that are proven to be false can have lasting effects on a young person’s reputation, education and career.

We can help. Attorney Matthew J. Mankey has spent more than 30 years defending youth and adults accused of serious sex crimes in the Minneapolis and the western suburbs area. Whether the best possible outcome involves treatment, a reduction in charges or even a complete dismissal, we will carefully prepare the strongest possible defense, based on a nuanced understanding of criminal law and juvenile law. Each case is different, but our goal is the same: to minimize the effects of these charges on your child’s future.

Sex Offenses On High School And College Campus

High schools throughout the Twin Cities take any charges of student sexual assault very seriously, as does the University of Minnesota and other area colleges. In addition to legal consequences, students accused of assault, rape or other actions may face disciplinary actions by their schools.

In addition to advocating for your child in the juvenile justice or adult criminal justice system, we also work with school administrators to minimize the effects charges of sex crimes may have on your child’s education.

Let Our Experience Work For You

If your child has been charged with sexual assault or any type of underage sex crime, we encourage you to call the Mankey Law Office to schedule a free, confidential consultation with our experienced lawyer. Call our office at 612-424-9454 or send us a message through our secure online form. Our Golden Valley office is easy to reach from throughout the Twin Cities metro area, located just off I-394.