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May 2014 Archives

Minnesota legislators' arrest immunity up for debate

The Constitution of the State of Minnesota allows for state lawmakers not to be arrested during the legislative session if they are accused of certain crimes, including DWI and other non-felony offenses. A bill has been introduced that could strip legislators of that immunity in the future.

Former Gophers player charged with assault

In the heat of the moment, emotions might run high, and sometimes people find themselves in uncharacteristic situations. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that any ensuing criminal charges can be backed up with reliable evidence. These issues may come up after the recent arrest of a former University of Minnesota quarterback.

Father facing murder charge after incident in New Brighton

It isn't difficult to imagine how a long-term feud between neighbors can reach a breaking point. If heated enough, such a dispute can make a person do things that are wildly out of character. When criminal charges result from a neighborhood dispute of any kind, it is important for the circumstances of the charges to be carefully analyzed. After all, every story has at least two sides.

Questions raised over Minnesota teen's school expulsion

It seems every week there is a news story somewhere in the U.S. about a child or teen that was suspended or expelled for either brining a banned item to school or threatening an act of violence. Since violence in schools first erupted during the late 1990s and early 2000s, school districts around the country have adopted zero tolerance policies aimed to protect students and rid districts of problematic students.

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