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June 2014 Archives

Minnesota man cleared on charges of setting girlfriend on fire

The law states that people accused of crimes are to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. As one Minnesota man has recently discovered, this doesn’t provide much solace to those who are jailed while the court system moves forward in an effort to determine guilt or innocence.

Minnesota men face drug charges after routine traffic stop

Being convicted of a drug crime can result in long-term consequences for the accused, including jail time, fines, reputation damage and limited employment options. You don't want this to happen to you. In any drug-related case, the state must meet the burden of proof in order to convict, and those accused of drug crimes should speak with a criminal defense attorney about challenging the prosecution's evidence.

Breath test indicates MN man had .303 BAC

In Minnesota, the drunk driving laws are written so that the harshest penalties are  reserved for drivers who are convicted multiple times and whose blood-alcohol content is shown to be especially high. A man who was recently arrested on suspicion of DWI in Anoka is now facing some of those steeper consequences.

Drug crime charges dismissed, money still held by U.S. Marshalls

Criminal charges often bring civil, social and personal problems to a person's life. Regardless of whether an accused individual is convicted, allegations of illicit activity can damage personal relationships and careers. For one Minnesota man, criminal accusations may result in the forfeiture of his property, despite the fact that charges against him were dismissed by a judge.

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