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October 2014 Archives

Accidents can lead to criminal law need

Few things are more distressing than an accident in which a Minnesota child is injured. Children are cherished within American culture, and the community cries out for justice when a child is harmed. Unfortunately, the incident that led to injury is often an accident, in which the responsible party did nothing wrong. Often, this leads to the need for a criminal law response to charges filed after such an incident.

Teacher loses job, faces serious sex crime charges

When Minnesota parents send their children off to school, it is believed that the teachers and administrators there will make every effort to ensure the safety of all students entrusted in their care. This is one of the reasons why reports of sexual misconduct within area schools are so distressing to parents and others within the community. Many are currently following the arrest of a local teacher who is facing serious sex crime charges based on her interaction with a student.

Serious sex crime charges for area volleyball coach

A young man who has spent a considerable amount of time coaching youth sports has been arrested and charged with sexual offenses against minors. Reports indicate that the Minnesota man was taken into custody in connection to reports of two missing teenage girls. He now faces serious sex crime charges, in addition to accusations of using the Internet to lure the children to his home.

Charged with a gun crime in Minnesota? Help is available

Whether you're a gun enthusiast or not, it is safe to say that guns do serve a valuable purpose when used in a responsible way. Unfortunately, the use of guns is often linked to a variety or criminal activities. Minnesota residents who have been charged with a gun crime do have the right to defend themselves in criminal court.

6 in Minnesota accused of a drug crime

It is possible that two different people could observe the exact same incident and come to two completely different conclusions. Additionally, both of those conclusions could be completely wrong in that they are based on assumptions. Without knowing the full story, it may be difficult to discern the reality of a situation. However, after three years spent observing and investigating an alleged drug ring that ran in Minnesota and other states, 12 people -- six from Minnesota -- have now been accused of a drug crime, likely based on the conclusions made by investigators.

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