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September 2015 Archives

Gun crime: Man charged in fatal Minnesota shooting

When an alleged incident of criminal activity is considered severe, the charges relating to the event will likely also be severe. As a result, an individual facing serious charges relating to gun crime will likely want to create and present a criminal defense against the allegations. In order to do so in a meaningful manner, an accused individual may want to gain more knowledge on the topic.

Minnesota man charged with DWI after alleged police chase

Individuals who are facing charges for alleged criminal activity will likely want to better understand what the allegations mean. Therefore, gaining more knowledge on charges relating to DWI and other violations may help parties be able to make more informed decisions as their cases proceed. Individuals may also wish to pay particular attention to information regarding criminal defense strategies. 

Criminal law: Minnesota man facing charges for assault, murder

At times, situations can escalate more quickly than expected. An individual may suddenly lose his or her temper and react in a manner that he or she may not have under other circumstances. Unfortunately, these situations could result in individuals becoming seriously or fatally injured and other parties facing charges. If an individual has been accused of a crime, he or she may want to find out more criminal law information relating to his or her situation.

Guilty plea entered for marijuana possession charge in Minnesota

When individuals are faced with criminal charges, they will likely want to consider their legal options to determine their best possible course of action. In some cases, if an individual is facing charges for possession of marijuana, he or she may wish to defend against the allegations. On the other hand, some parties may find themselves wishing to enter a guilty plea.

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