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December 2015 Archives

Minnesota man charged re sale of methamphetamine, other drugs

A Minnesota man may be hoping to find an effective manner in which to deal with his legal issues after recently being taken into custody. The man was labeled in reports as a "major" drug distributor and was allegedly associated with the sale of heroine, cocaine and methamphetamine. He was also suspected to have had involvement in a recent drug overdose that left another individual dead.

Criminal law: Finding missing teens leads to charges in Minnesota

Though some individuals may believe that their actions are warranted for a situation, those actions may not always be seen that way in the eyes of the law. As a result, some parties could face charges and wish to gain assistance when it comes to criminal law in order to better understand their legal predicaments. Three individuals in Minnesota may be hoping to gain more knowledge after recently being taken into custody.

Do Police Need A Warrant To Search Your Front Porch Or Apartment Hallway?

When you face criminal charges, an experienced attorney should carefully review the circumstances of your arrest. If the police violated your rights during a search and seizure -- or at any other stage of the case -- there may be grounds for a dismissal. This means your lawyer could potentially get your case thrown out entirely.

Gun crime: Minnesota man facing murder charge

Serious charges can result from situations in which deadly weapons are suspected to have been used. An individual facing gun crime allegations could be charged with possession, assault or even murder. If a person has been accused of illegal activity involving a gun or other dangerous weapon, gaining an understanding of the pending charges and coming court proceedings will be essential in preparing and presenting a focused defense.

Minnesota man allegedly tested positive for methamphetamine

It was recently reported that one man in Minnesota is facing serious charges after being involved in an accident earlier this year. Reports stated that the man was allegedly under the influence of methamphetamine while he was driving. The man was reportedly traveling west when he failed to remain in the correct lane and crashed into a school bus. 

Underage Minnesota man charged with DUI

Handling criminal charges may be difficult for those who are not knowledgeable concerning legal proceedings and related information. Individuals who have been charged with DUI or similar allegations may want to consider seeking assistance. One man in Minnesota may be looking to take such action after recently being taken into custody.

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