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November 2014 Archives

Sting operation leads to 11 facing federal gun crime charges

Authorities all across the United States claim to be serious about stopping gang violence. Often several different law enforcement agencies will team up to take down alleged gangsters. In a recent bust in the state of Minnesota, five different agencies worked together in a sting that led to 11 people facing federal gun crime charges.

Woman accused of methamphetamine drug crime

Police recently arrested a Minnesota woman on suspicion of using drugs in the presence of a minor. The case may be difficult to prosecute, however, due to the fact that the incident was reported by a passerby, and was not directly observed by officers. In addition, the drug crime arrest was made some time after the alleged drug use, and in a different location.

DWI charges only the start for Minnesota woman

Minnesota readers may have heard media coverage of a recent incident in which a Worthington woman was arrested and charged with multiple crimes. Police assert that the woman was not only drinking and driving, but might also have endangered her three children in the process. As she prepares to answer to the DWI charges against her, many across the state are watching to see how her case will unfold.

Minnesota man facing felony DWI charges

Minnesota police and courts take drinking and driving very seriously, and rightfully so. The decision to drink and drive can have devastating consequences for drivers, their passengers and anyone with whom they come into contact while on the roads. As a result, strict punitive measures are in place for those who make the decision to get behind the wheel after drinking. One man is currently facing felony DWI charges after police say that he was driving his truck while intoxicated.

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