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February 2016 Archives

Man facing DWI charge in Minnesota after police receive tip

Facing charges for drinking and driving could cause complications for individuals accused of such actions. However, individuals charged with DWI have legal options that they may wish to consider as their cases move through the criminal justice system. Because each case is different, each person may wish to determine which avenues may be best suited for his or her particular predicament.

Man, woman facing drug crime charges in Minnesota

Understanding legal options can make a considerable difference when individuals have allegations leveled against them. Having the proper knowledge could potentially mean the difference between receiving certain penalties or contesting accusations in an effective manner. Charges relating to drug crime are very serious allegations that could lead to prison time or other punishments, and a man and a woman in Minnesota may be hoping to avoid such outcomes.

Woman arrested for alleged DWI in Minnesota

One woman in Minnesota may be exploring her legal options after recently being taken into custody. Reports stated that the woman was allegedly driving a vehicle when a police officer noted that her vehicle was traveling faster than surrounding traffic. With a radar gun, the officer reportedly clocked the vehicle at 120 mph. As a result, a pursuit was initiated and ended in a DWI arrest.

Minnesota man may wish to gain information on criminal law

The criminal justice system can be a complicated structure. Therefore, if accused individuals are not well versed in criminal law, they may not immediately understand the legal predicament they could be facing. However, legal information is available from reliable resources, and individuals who are facing criminal charges may wish to consider exploring such resources in order to potentially gain valuable knowledge.

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