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October 2016 Archives

Clowning Around on Social Media Can Lead to Criminal Charges

It's no secret that today's teens spend a lot of their time interacting on social media. To many, it can feel like they are in their own world, even if part of them understands that much of what they post online can be seen, and even taken seriously, by the general public. Recently, one Minnesota girl seemingly took things too far when she impersonated a scary clown online and attempted to spook her boyfriend. Unfortunately, the threats she made as the clown character reached far beyond her immediate social circle, and many people were far from amused. Now, the 15-year-old girl is facing frightening circumstances of her own-criminal charges.

Views on how to address opioid addiction changing

Opioid addiction is a growing problem throughout the country, and Congress is currently looking for new ways to handle the issue. Among the ideas to help people with addictions is shifting the focus from a criminal matter to a health matter. That's not to say that using or abusing drugs won't still be a crime, but that the opportunities for people to get help and rebuild their lives will be more abundant. Funding for treatment programs will be increased, allowing people who are struggling with opioid addiction to have health care that they would not have otherwise received.

Local man avoids prison in insurance fraud case

It is an unfortunate reality that not everyone who is criminally prosecuted actually intends to commit a crime. Under certain circumstances it is possible the accused could end up facing criminal consequences because of the position he or she is placed in by others. A man recently represented by attorney Matthew Mankey knows this all too well.

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