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May 2016 Archives

U.S. Supreme Court Considers State's Implied Consent Law

Criminal laws in the state of Minnesota are not set in stone. They can change as a result of actions taken by lawmakers as well as court decisions. Depending on how the U.S. Supreme Court rules on a case it is currently considering, the state could see a change where the administration of breath tests is concerned.

Woman charged with DUI in Minnesota after crash

In order to effectively address criminal charges, accused individuals may wish to become more knowledgeable on various legal subjects. Understanding what DUI charges mean and how they could potentially affect a person's situation may help an accused person decide which legal strategies may work best. One woman may be hoping to find the path with which she is most comfortable after being charged in Minnesota.

Criminal law info may assist man accused of murder in Minnesota

When an individual is suspected of a serious crime, he or she may feel apprehensive about how to address the allegations. The person may wish to gain more information on the criminal law surrounding the predicament in order to determine what to expect as the case moves forward. One man in Minnesota may be taking such action after recently being accused of murder.

Criminal law: Man facing vehicular homicide charges in Minnesota

When faced with criminal charges, it is prudent to find out more information about those charges. Criminal law can be a complicated area to navigate, but individuals do have options for seeking assistance and gaining more insight into their predicaments. One man in Minnesota may be hoping to find out more information after recently being charged with vehicular homicide. 

Man facing charges after alleged sexual assault in Minnesota

After a recent incident that allegedly took place at a Minnesota club, one man is currently facing criminal charges. The charges relate to a purported sexual assault involving the 21-year-old man and a woman who was also at the club. Reports stated that the woman claimed to have left the bathroom at the club, and after doing so, the man blocked her into a corner. 

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