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Man faces felony fleeing and DWI charges in Minnesota

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2014 | Drunk Driving

Many individuals across Minnesota have enjoyed dinner and drinks with friends or coworkers. It’s possible that anyone in such social situations could get behind the wheel following an event without realizing that blood alcohol content is above legal limits. Even so, when faced with police trying to pull them over, many people panic and attempt to flee to avoid possible drunk driving charges.

One man who didn’t comply when police attempted to pull him over on a Minnesota road is now facing both a DWI charge and a charge of felony fleeing. According to reports, police received a call early one afternoon last month. The caller reported that an older driver in an SUV hit a rock as he was driving over the curb. The caller also stated that the driver appeared to be under the influence.

Police found the driver traveling on the road. They report that the SUV had a flat tire and was losing rubber at the time. As they attempted to stop him, police say the driver turned his vehicle the wrong way down a street. As they followed him, they said they noticed fire coming from the bottom of the SUV.

Police reportedly called out to warn the driver, who did eventually stop. A local fire department responded and put out the fire and no one was injured. Police arrested the man, who they alleged was intoxicated. Reportedly, police didn’t have an identity for the man as of the arrest, as the man’s wallet was destroyed in the SUV fire.

Drunk driving charges are serious allegations. Drivers should work within legal systems to mitigate potential consequences without adding to potential charges with additional acts. Even if such situations occur, seeking criminal defense options as soon as possible can help drivers protect their futures.

Source: CBS Minnesota, “Police: Drunk Driver Flees, Car Sets On Fire,” June 21, 2014

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