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4 suspected of criminal law violations despite lack of evidence

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2014 | Criminal Defense

After a brutal assault in Fridley, four people were arrested under suspicion of being somehow involved. The Minnesota investigators suspect that as two men were leaving a bar, two other men came up and assaulted them. Two women who supposedly asked the victims for a ride home were also arrested and accused of criminal law violations. However, formal charges have yet to be filed due to a lack of evidence so far in the investigation.

The two victims were allegedly at a bar in Fridley until about 4:25 a.m. when the establishment closed. The details surrounding the events are not clear, but purportedly, the two victims agreed to give two women a ride to their homes. However, when they arrived at the destination, the authorities suspect that two men were waiting for them.

The two men then allegedly assaulted the two victims by beating and stabbing them. Then, the two men and the two women supposedly fled the scene. While the passenger was beaten unconscious, the driver was purportedly conscious when the officers responded to the attack. The driver was only able to provide a small amount of information about the attack. Additionally, the bar’s surveillance system was not working, so there is no video evidence of the individuals leaving the establishment.

What led the authorities to suspect that those four individuals specifically committed criminal law violations is unclear. However, there is reportedly a lack of evidence in the case, and no formal charges have been filed against any of the Minnesota suspects due to the lack of evidence. If formal charges are eventually filed, the four would do well to use the limited testimony of the driver and lack of surveillance video to their advantage as they defend against the accusations. They remain innocent of any criminal accusations under the law unless and until prosecutors are actually able to prove otherwise in court.

Source:, “4 in custody in brutal Fridley, Minn. beating, stabbing”, Jonathan Choe, Aug. 24, 2014

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