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Methamphetamine found in garage, man faces felony charges

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2014 | Drug Charges

A 32-year-old man was recently arrested after the Crookston authorities executed a search warrant on his residence. The Minnesota authorities claim that they found a felony amount of methamphetamine in the man’s premises. He now faces charges of first-degree possession, as well as sale of a controlled substance.

Supposedly, an anonymous call came to the police department concerning possible drug activity within the man’s home. The Pine to Prairie Drug Task Force began investigating the call. The man, his wife and their two children recently moved into the house about a month ago. The man reportedly has a criminal history for crimes, including other drug charges.

The police were able to secure a search warrant, though what evidence they presented to do so is unclear. While searching the man’s garage, a K9 unit allegedly alerted the officers to a section of wall. Behind the wall, the officers supposedly found a “large amount” of meth with an estimated street value of $10,000. Both charges the man faces yield a 40-year prison sentence if a conviction is obtained. The investigation is still underway.

Despite the fact that the man has a criminal past, it does not necessarily indicate that the man is guilty of selling and possessing methamphetamine currently in Minnesota. The burden of proving the charges will be placed on the prosecution. Additionally, without sufficient evidence, no conviction can be obtained. While the investigation is still underway, the man would do well to start gathering knowledge pertaining to his case in an effort to become prepared if the case goes to trial.

Source:, “Video Update: Crookston Drug Bust”, Neil Carlson, Sept. 1, 2014

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