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DWI charges only the start for Minnesota woman

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2014 | Drunk Driving

Minnesota readers may have heard media coverage of a recent incident in which a Worthington woman was arrested and charged with multiple crimes. Police assert that the woman was not only drinking and driving, but might also have endangered her three children in the process. As she prepares to answer to the DWI charges against her, many across the state are watching to see how her case will unfold.

Police assert that they were called to the scene of an accident in Worthington and upon arrival, found the woman sitting in a vehicle that was sitting in the front yard of a residence. A nearby utility pole showed signs of being struck. Police also report that there was a beer on the floor of the vehicle, but it is unclear whether that container was open. The woman asked about the whereabouts of her three children, who were located in a nearby home. Police believe that the children, who are 4, 5, and 6 years of age, were in the vehicle with their mother prior to the crash.

When emergency responders arrived, the woman allegedly attacked several medical workers at the scene. In total, she has been charged with DWI, vehicular operation causing harm, reckless driving, careless driving and interfering with a peace officer. Any one of these would prompt a high degree of concern, but combined they are a formidable challenge.

As this Minnesota woman nears her court date, she and her legal team will have a great deal of work to do. Before determining a legal strategy, the evidence held by the prosecution will be closely examined. From that point forward, a determination will be made as to the best possible course of action. Avoiding a conviction in this type of DWI case means more than simply retaining one’s license, it could also mean preserving this woman’s right to continue to care for her children.

Source:, “Worthington Woman Faces Several Charges After Allegedly Driving Drunk, Crashing, Assaulting Medical Personnel“, Nov. 13, 2014

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