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2 brothers accused of possession of 200 pounds of marijuana

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2015 | Drug Charges

Two brothers were recently arrested in Golden Valley under accusations of serious drug crimes. Allegedly, the two were involved in a scheme to transport a large amount of marijuana from one state and into Minnesota. The two brothers currently face felony drug possession charges, but more charges may be added at a later date.

Police officers in Plymouth reportedly received a tip from an anonymous source in another state concerning a large-scale drug transportation scheme. The Minnesota officers set up a controlled delivery, but how they were able to set the delivery up is unclear. Regardless, the controlled transaction took place under police surveillance, and the officers conducted a traffic stop on the pickup truck shortly thereafter.

The authorities reportedly seized approximately 200 pounds of marijuana, which filled the entire bed of the pickup truck. At some point along the way, the truck was operated by a different driver, but the officers are not currently pressing charges against that individual because it is unclear whether he knew about what was allegedly in the bed of the truck. However, both brothers were arrested under felony drug possession charges, and they may eventually face intention to sell charges as well.

One of the brothers reportedly has a criminal history involving narcotics. However, just because the man has had prior drug convictions does not necessarily mean that he is guilty of the current marijuana charges. Despite whatever evidence that the Minnesota prosecutors claim to have against the brothers, they remain innocent until, and only if, proven guilty in court.

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