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7 accused of crack cocaine distribution in northern Minnesota

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2015 | Drug Charges

Seven individuals are currently facing federal drug charges in Minneapolis for their alleged drug crimes. The individuals are accused of distributing crack cocaine throughout northern Minnesota as well as in a neighboring state. However, the exact charges that they face are unclear.

The police suspect that the individuals arrested are part of two separate gangs who worked together to sell crack cocaine and heroin in the Twin Cities, Duluth and St. Cloud, as well as in another state. The authorities suspect that the individuals chose these areas because crack cocaine is in shorter supply, which means that they can sell it at higher prices. The ages of the accused persons range from 18 to 26.

The authorities assert that these individuals used firearms during their drug operations, and the gangs that the authorities think the individuals belong to are notoriously violent. However, whatever led the authorities to begin suspecting these persons of committing drug crimes is unclear. The details surrounding their indictments and arrests are also unclear. They have been accused of distributing crack cocaine, but their specific charges were not disclosed. Each of them will be tried in federal court, and all but one individual remains in police custody in lieu of posting bond.

Investigators claim that all seven individuals have prior criminal records involving drug and firearm related charges. However, just because they have been convicted of crimes in the past does not necessarily indicate guilt in the current case. These persons will have to go through the federal criminal process in Minnesota for their cocaine distribution related charges. Just like anyone else accused of a crime, and they will have every reasonable opportunity to defend themselves against the accusations.

Source:, “7 Minneapolis gang members indicted on crack cocaine charges“, Brandt Williams, March 4, 2015

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