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iPhone app catches man allegedly commiting theft in action

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2015 | Criminal Defense

The personal and legal consequences of having a theft conviction on one’s record can be devastating, as background checks are typically done by credit bureaus, landlords, colleges and employers. The future of a 31-year-old Minnesota man will be adversely affected if he is convicted on the second-degree burglary charge he is facing after his recent arrest. The fact that he is reportedly on probation for a prior robbery conviction, along with his history of other theft-related crimes, will likely count against him.

The police reportedly received a call from a Minnesota resident who was spending the summer in another state. She apparently has an iPhone app that allows her to check on her home from a remote location. This enabled her to see a person moving about her house, loading various items in a bag.

Police responded and reported finding a van parked in her driveway, along with footprints leading to and from the house. They determined that the suspect was in a vehicle, but he refused to come out and only surrendered after he was bitten by a police canine. Police reportedly seized jewelry and a safe from the vehicle, which allegedly belonged to the homeowner. After receiving medical treatment for the dog bite, the man was booked into a detention center and charged. It was reported that the accused man may have to pay a fine of $200,000 and spend approximately 10 years in jail if he is convicted.

When a Minnesota resident is accused of theft or robbery, the degree of the criminal charges will depend on the value of money or property taken. Every resident has the right to have his or her rights protected in a court, and retaining the services of an experienced criminal law attorney may be beneficial. He or she will assess the circumstances and the charges, and suggest the best way forward. Depending on the circumstances, the strategy may be to defend the charges in court or to enter a guilty plea and pursue negotiations with the prosecution in an attempt to limit the penalties.

Source: CBS Minnesota, “Roseville Burglary Suspect Caught On Baby Monitor, Bit By K9“, March 4, 2015

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