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Minnesota officer facing sexual assault charges after incident

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2015 | Sex Crimes

When facing serious charges, having information regarding those charges as well as the related criminal proceedings may be valuable. Criminal charges can stem from a variety of alleged incidents, and because the circumstances can vary, individuals will likely want to ensure that they understand how their particular case will be handled. Additionally, parties accused of sexual assault may want to determine what defense strategies may be most helpful to their situation.

One man in Minnesota may be looking to handle his case in an effective manner after being charged. It was reported that two women accused a police officer of sexual assault. Reports stated that the women were at a party purportedly being thrown by the officer when the alleged assaults took place. 

One of the women stated that she was trying to leave the party when the man reportedly tried to put his hand up her shorts and then grabbed her arms and tried to make her touch him in a sexual manner. Later, the man purportedly came in contact with a second woman who said that he laid on top of her and tried to put his hand down her pants. When he was unsuccessful, he apparently began to touch her inappropriately over her clothing. He is currently facing charges relating to sexual assault.

Due to the sexual assault allegations leveled against him, it is likely that the man will want to create a meaningful defense. In order to do so, he may find information on his defensive options beneficial. Additionally, he may find consulting with his legal counsel and learning more about the Minnesota criminal process valuable as his situation moves forward.

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