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Guilty plea entered for marijuana possession charge in Minnesota

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2015 | Drug Charges

When individuals are faced with criminal charges, they will likely want to consider their legal options to determine their best possible course of action. In some cases, if an individual is facing charges for possession of marijuana, he or she may wish to defend against the allegations. On the other hand, some parties may find themselves wishing to enter a guilty plea.

One man in Minnesota recently entered a guilty plea regarding drug charges. It was reported that the man was facing charges for three counts of fifth degree possession of marijuana. It was reported that he pleaded guilty to one of those counts, and he pleaded not guilty to the other two counts. Details on how those charges will be further handled were not reported. 

It was noted that the man is not allowed to leave the state. As a result, he was released from jail but had a GPS monitor placed on his person. It was also reported that, when the man was initially booked in jail, he had 144 prescription pills, which he reportedly carried to give to uninsured patients. It is unclear whether he will face charges for those pills. 

Legal situations can become complicated, and because each situation is unique, individuals may wish to learn more about the options available to them. Though this man pleaded guilty to one count of marijuana possession, he may not wish to follow such action for other charges, should they come about. Therefore, individuals facing criminal proceedings in Minnesota may wish to gather legal knowledge pertaining to their cases in order to feel better prepared.

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