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Gun crime: Man charged in fatal Minnesota shooting

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2015 | Violent Crimes

When an alleged incident of criminal activity is considered severe, the charges relating to the event will likely also be severe. As a result, an individual facing serious charges relating to gun crime will likely want to create and present a criminal defense against the allegations. In order to do so in a meaningful manner, an accused individual may want to gain more knowledge on the topic.

One man in Minnesota may be hoping to defend against serious allegations recently leveled against him. It was reported that the man allegedly shot his wife. Reports stated that the man reportedly abused the woman and that her children — who were present when the alleged shooting took place — heard them arguing beforehand. The man purportedly put a gun into the woman’s mouth and then pulled the trigger.

The woman’s children reportedly found her body, and the man had allegedly left the scene. He was apprehended 11 days after the purported incident in a nearby state. He is currently waiting extradition back to Minnesota where he is being charged with murder. The man reportedly has a criminal record, and the couple had been married while he was still serving time for a previous infraction.

Murder charges can lead to severe consequences if a conviction takes place. Due to the severity of the allegations, the man will likely want to defend against them. In order to do so, he may find information on defense tactics and criminal proceedings relating to gun crime in Minnesota beneficial. Additionally, he may want to discuss his case with his legal counsel for more insight.

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