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Minnesota incident involving deadly weapon leads to murder charge

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2015 | Violent Crimes, Violent Crimes

There are certain crimes that can lead to severe consequences if an individual is convicted. Events that allegedly involve a deadly weapon can often result in serious charges for the individual or individuals suspected to have been involved. One man in Minnesota may be hoping to create a meaningful criminal defense after recently having charges leveled against him.

It was reported that a woman was found dead near her home after being shot in the heart. Witnesses purportedly stated that they heard gunshots and that two vehicles left the area after the shooting took place. Authorities searched the victim’s home and lifted fingerprints from her window. They reportedly found a match for the fingerprints using the Midwest Automated Fingerprint Identification Network.

The vehicles that reportedly left the scene were found on surveillance footage, and that footage reportedly also showed the man attempting to use the victim’s credit card to buy gas. A couple of days after the reported incident, the suspect, as well as another individual, were taken into custody. At the time of the report, the man had been charged with second-degree murder. The other individual had apparently not been charged.

Murder charges could lead to considerable jail time for the man if he is convicted. Because the man would likely wish to avoid such an outcome, he may wish to determine how to defend himself against the allegations. Furthermore, he may wish to discuss his case with an experienced attorney who could help him better understand Minnesota criminal proceedings for incidents involving a deadly weapon resulting in death.

Source: CBS Minnesota, “Man Charged With Murder In Shooting Of St. Paul Woman“, Oct. 22, 2015

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