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Minnesota woman faces charges relating to methamphetamine, murder

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2015 | Drug Charges

Some individuals may make questionable choices that could land them in considerable trouble. One woman in Minnesota may be re-evaluating her choices after recently being taken into custody. It was reported that the woman was visiting a friend in jail when she allegedly provided him with methamphetamine that she purportedly smuggled into the prison. 

The drug was reportedly brought into the prison in gelatin capsules, which she then allegedly gave to her friend, who was an inmate. The inmate later died, and an autopsy revealed that the cause of death was an overdose of meth. It was unclear what caused authorities to suspect that the woman was the individual who provided the meth, but a search warrant was apparently obtained to search the woman’s home.

During the search, authorities allegedly found methamphetamine and capsules that they believed to be similar to those used to smuggle the drugs into the prison. As a result, the woman was taken into custody. The woman is currently facing charges for third-degree murder due to the inmate’s death, and she is also facing another allegation of bringing methamphetamine — which is a contraband substance — into prison.

Due to the charges leveled against her, the Minnesota woman will likely want to create and present a criminal defense against the allegations. Information on criminal proceedings relating to her case may help her better understand what she could face as her case moves forward. Additionally, she may wish to consult with her legal counsel on how the third-degree murder and smuggling of methamphetamine charges may be handled.

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