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Juvenile crimes: Minnesota teen facing felony assault charge

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2016 | Criminal Defense

Young individuals who have emotional and behavior struggles may sometimes find themselves in difficult situations. Some individuals may be accused of juvenile crimes and face serious charges as a result. It was recently reported that a student at an alternative school in Minnesota had charges leveled against her after an alleged assault against the school’s principal.

Reportedly, the girl — who was reported as being 18 years old — had been suspended from school but showed up anyway. The principal apparently asked her to leave before taking the girl’s purse and heading toward the door. The girl then allegedly grabbed the principal’s hair and pulled her to the floor before purportedly striking the woman in the face multiple times.

The reported incident caused the principal to suffer a concussion and other head trauma. It was also noted that the alleged assault was recorded on school surveillance cameras. Though the girl is 18 years old, she is apparently still being considered a juvenile. As a result of the situation, a petition was filed in juvenile court, and the girl is facing felony charges for third-degree assault and another charge for fourth-degree assault.

When individuals are accused of juvenile crimes, their entire futures can be significantly affected. Therefore, accused parties and their parents will likely want to explore their legal options for creating and presenting a criminal defense against such charges. Information on Minnesota criminal proceedings relating to her case may help the girl accused in this reported incident determine how she would like to move forward.

Source:, “Juvenile charges filed against Mpls. girl accused of assaulting principal“, Peter Cox, Jan. 13, 2016

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