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Minnesota man charged with DUI after accident

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2016 | Drunk Driving

When an individual is suspected to have been driving under the influence, he or she will likely anxiously await to see if formal charges will be filed. If such DUI charges are brought against a driver, he or she will probably want to explore legal options for handling such a predicament. By gathering more information relating to the situation, an accused party may be able to move forward in a more meaningful manner.

One man in Minnesota may be hoping to make the most out of his circumstances after recently being taken into custody. It was reported that the man was allegedly driving an SUV south when he attempted to make a left turn. The turn apparently brought that vehicle into the path of another car, and the two automobiles collided. The driver of the second car was taken to an area hospital due to suffering injuries. 

It was not mentioned whether the driver of the SUV suffered any injuries in the accident. However, authorities apparently suspected that he was driving under the influence and arrested him. At the time of the report, a formal charge had not yet been filed. It was not clear whether any sobriety tests had been administered.

The individual accused in this case could potentially face serious consequences if he is formally charged and subsequently convicted of DUI. Therefore, he may wish to find out more information about his criminal defense options in order to better understand how to utilize such options should the need arise. Furthermore, consulting with an experienced defense attorney could also allow him to gain useful insight into his case and Minnesota criminal proceedings.

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