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Accused Terrorists In MN Take Part In New Sentencing Program

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2016 | Criminal Defense

In many cases, when someone is accused of committing a crime the ultimate goal is to be acquitted of those charges. There are times however when minimizing the penalties tied to a guilty verdict or plea is the focus for the accused. In either of these situations a criminal defense attorney can be of assistance.

Minimizing these penalties may be accomplished multiple ways including via alternative sentencing programs. A federal judge in the state of Minnesota is behind a program of this nature focused on those accused of terrorism.

As residents of Minnesota are likely well aware, the state is home to the largest Somali population in the country. Readers are likely also aware that some members of that population who moved to the state have joined various militant groups. Some of these individuals face criminal charges tied to that activity. The program, which is slated to be run with some of these individuals, sets out to first determine the extent of the risk someone accused of terroristic activities, actually poses. In addition, it also has a de-radicalizing component.

The Terrorism Disengagement and Deradicalization Program

The director of the German Institute on Radicalization and De-radicalization Studies is being contracted to assess the risk of four individuals who recently pleaded guilty to charges related to an Islamic State group case. In addition to meeting with those individuals, friends and family members will also be interviewed. Based upon the information collected, an opinion on why the individual was radicalized will be rendered along with suggestions on intervention tactics that may be used.

The sentences the men receive will depend upon those assessments as well as a presentencing investigation. If the assessment indicates the men are amenable to treatment, it is possible they could find that is part of their sentence. It is important to note that participation in this particular program will not prevent the men from be incarcerated.

Program Could Serve As A Model

The outcome of this program could have far reaching consequences. If successful, among other things, the program could provide guidance about what causes young people to be recruited in the first place. Since Minnesota is not the only state in the country that is dealing with the recruitment of young people for terroristic activities, other communities will be paying close attention to determine whether a similar program should be adopted.

Alternative sentencing programs exist for a variety of different types of convictions. An aggressive criminal defense lawyer who has a thorough understanding of the criminal justice system can help identify when such a program may be appropriate. Contact Mankey Law Office for representation of this nature.

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