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Minnesota man faces second DUI charge

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2016 | Drunk Driving

A Minnesota school superintendent may be considering his legal options after recently being taken into custody. Reports stated that the man was driving a pickup truck when he purportedly failed to dim his headlights. As a result of this apparent infraction, the man was stopped by a police officer. The man told the officer that the truck was new and that he was still getting used to the controls. However, the stop soon turned into a DUI arrest.

The officer allegedly smelled alcohol while talking with the man, and the man stated that he had an alcoholic beverage with an earlier meal. Nonetheless, the officer reportedly had the man participate in multiple field sobriety tests, and the man allegedly did not perform them in a satisfactory manner. He also purportedly submitted to a breath test which indicated a blood-alcohol level of .114 percent. 

The man was taken into custody on charges of driving under the influence. He was later released from custody with a pending court date. It was noted that the man had been charged for DUI over a year ago, and he pleaded guilty to that charge in order to have other charges dropped. 

Though the man has purportedly faced a similar situation in the past, the circumstances leading to the DUI charges in each case are different. Therefore, he may wish to take different legal action in regards to these recent allegations than the strategies he utilized previously. If so, he may wish to find out more information on his potential options and how his case will be handled in a Minnesota court. 

Source:, “Minnesota school superintendent on leave after second DUI in 2 years“, March 25, 2016

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