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Man facing charges after alleged sexual assault in Minnesota

On Behalf of | May 4, 2016 | Sex Crimes

After a recent incident that allegedly took place at a Minnesota club, one man is currently facing criminal charges. The charges relate to a purported sexual assault involving the 21-year-old man and a woman who was also at the club. Reports stated that the woman claimed to have left the bathroom at the club, and after doing so, the man blocked her into a corner. 

The man allegedly began to kiss the woman, and she resisted his advances. The woman then stated that the man put his hand down her pants and continued to assault her. A security guard at the club reportedly noticed the incident, and the guard allegedly saw that the man had his genitals out of his pants. The guard then reportedly told police about the incident after the woman got away.

Afterward, the man purportedly tried to leave the club, but he was arrested before exiting. As a result of the alleged situation, the man is currently facing charges for third-degree criminal sexual conduct. At the time of the report, the man was still being held in jail. It was also noted the the man was a member of the National Guard.

Allegations of sexual assault could have lasting impacts on the man’s life, especially if he is convicted. He could potentially face up to 15 years in jail, and as a result, he will likely want to create and present a criminal defense against the charges brought against him. Information on Minnesota criminal proceedings relating to his predicament may help him better prepare for his case and pending court appearances.

Source: CBS Minnesota, “Eagan Man Accused Of Sex Assault At Minneapolis Bar“, April 20, 2016

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