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Woman charged with DUI in Minnesota after crash

On Behalf of | May 26, 2016 | Drunk Driving

In order to effectively address criminal charges, accused individuals may wish to become more knowledgeable on various legal subjects. Understanding what DUI charges mean and how they could potentially affect a person’s situation may help an accused person decide which legal strategies may work best. One woman may be hoping to find the path with which she is most comfortable after being charged in Minnesota.

Reports stated that the situation apparently began in another state. The woman was allegedly walking near an apartment building on a college campus and was suspected to have been intoxicated. Campus police went to look for the woman, but after exiting their vehicle, the woman purportedly got into the police SUV and drove away. Police did not pursue the vehicle but used a GPS to locate the vehicle. 

The woman reportedly crashed the vehicle after entering Minnesota. It was purportedly traveling over 80 mph when it went off the roadway and flipped. The woman suffered only minor injuries. State police believed that the woman was under the influence at the time of the event, and she is currently facing charges for DUI and possession of stolen property.

The woman may have a long a complicated legal road ahead of her as she works through her criminal case. Information on criminal defense options may help her create and present such a defense against the DUI charges, if that is a step she wishes to take. Additionally, gaining further insight on her predicament from an experienced Minnesota attorney may also aid her as her case moves forward.

Source:, “Update: Woman charged with stolen property and DUI, suffers only minor injuries in violent end-over-end rollover near Crookston“, Mike Christopherson, May 23, 2016

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