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Men facing methamphetamine-related charges in Utah

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2016 | Drug Charges

Two men in Minnesota may be hoping to contend with recent legal issues in an effective manner after being taken into custody. Reports stated that an anticipatory search warrant was approved, causing police to be on the lookout for one of the men as well as the vehicle he was driving after receiving a tip that he might be transporting methamphetamine. An officer reportedly spotted the vehicle and conducted a stop.

The officer purportedly identified the driver as a 36-year-old suspect and the passenger in the vehicle as a 51-year-old suspect. He then apparently searched the vehicle and allegedly found a backpack containing 2 pounds of a substance that purportedly tested positive for methamphetamine. A scale, money and baggies were also reportedly found. 

As a result, both men in the vehicle were charged with two allegations. The first was a first-degree controlled substance crime relating to intent to distribute methamphetamine, and the second charge was first-degree possession of 25 or more grams of meth. It was noted that each charge could result in 30 year sentences, if convictions occur. Initial court appearances had already been scheduled for the men at the time of the report. 

As their cases move forward, the Minnesota men may face instances in which they are unsure about the decisions they need to make. Luckily, information pertaining to their legal options and how to handle the methamphetamine charges is available from local resources. If they wish, they could gain more knowledge on their predicaments as well as review their cases and options with their legal counsel. 

Source:, “Traffic stop leads to arrest of 2 for drugs“, Jerry Burnes, June 10, 2016

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