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Minnesota man charged in alleged theft

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2016 | Criminal Defense

When an individual has been accused of a crime, he or she has the opportunity to combat the allegations. Creating and presenting a criminal defense is a useful tool, but determining the best strategies for defense may depend on the type of charges that have been filed. If an individual has been accused of theft, he or she may want to find out more about how to potentially proceed.

One man in Minnesota may soon be working on his criminal defense after recently being charged. Reports stated that the situation began when several items were allegedly taken from a high school. The school’s marching band had reportedly been outside practicing when a man entered the school and allegedly took items from 10 individuals. Among the items missing were purses, cell phones and money.

Police reviewed a surveillance video that reportedly showed a man walking in the school. A parent of one of the students whose phone was taken purportedly used an app to locate the phone and sent the information to the police. Authorities went to the address and arrested the man. He allegedly confessed to taking the items, and, as a result, he is currently facing a felony charge for burglary.

In order to address the charge stemming from the alleged theft, the man may want to become more knowledgeable about his legal situation. Information on the charge itself as well as how he may defend against it could allow him to work toward effectively building his defense. If he wishes, he may consider working with an experienced Minnesota attorney in order to fully assess his predicament.

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