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Understanding the reasons behind some fraud

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2016 | Fraud

Just as there are many forms the crime of fraud can take, there are many reasons a person might find they are accused of committing fraud. Because everyone’s situation is different, understanding those reasons is an important first step in deciding the best way to proceed with their defense.

For example, a person can be tricked by a fraudster, but a person can also be tricked into committing fraud. For a minor, or someone with a diminished mental capacity, something may seem like it makes perfect sense. However, that will not necessarily be the case, and that person can end up telling another person an untruth or convincing them of something that is actually not accurate simply because they don’t have the necessary understanding of the situation to address it correctly.

Another reason a person could commit fraud would be out of love for another person, or in an effort to fit in or be accepted. They may lie about something or deceive someone else, simply because they are trying to protect that person or they want to keep that person around. People who lie about their past to their future spouse, for example, may fall under this definition. Likewise, so might people who lie to a loved one about adoption, the death of someone else, or other types of circumstances that could cause harm if the entire truth was known.

While neither of these are not good reasons to commit fraud, they are common reasons that are often seen and in some cases could be considered criminal.

For those who have been accused of committing fraud, it is very important to seek out legal counsel. Without it, there could be significant penalties. Depending on your specific situation and the defenses available, you may see reduced or eliminated charges.

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