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When Those Relied Upon For Care Are Accused Of Drug Crimes

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2017 | Drug Charges

When people think of those who are charged with drug crimes, they often conjure up mental pictures of homelessness, theft, and other types of crime and decay. However, not everyone who is accused of a drug or related crime fits this mold. One group that routinely comes into contact with prescription drugs is health care workers. When someone working in this position is living with addiction, some of those drugs may not make it to the intended patients. A recent investigation conducted by a local news station reveals this is an issue in Minnesota hospitals.

Why Do Health Care Workers Take These Medications?

In some cases, the health care workers who steal these medications are using them. They may be addicted to pain medications or have other mental or physical health issues that drive them to this kind of theft. Other times, they may be selling these medications to others to fund another type of habit or simply to have extra money. While the theft of prescription medication is a felony, the risk of being caught doesn’t always stop people when they struggle with addiction, need funds, or have another reason for engaging in that type of behavior.

How Can an Attorney Help?

For anyone who has been accused of medication theft-whether or not they are a health care worker-consulting an attorney is generally the right choice. Because this is a felony charge, the penalties tied to a conviction can be harsh and, among other things, could result in an end of your career. If your loved one is accused of this type of behavior, it is important to realize that drug addiction can happen to anyone and crimes related to that addiction can occur in any profession. Regardless of the background of the person changed, the important thing is to get help in order to move forward.

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