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Gun crime: Minnesota man facing murder charge

Serious charges can result from situations in which deadly weapons are suspected to have been used. An individual facing gun crime allegations could be charged with possession, assault or even murder. If a person has been accused of illegal activity involving a gun or other dangerous weapon, gaining an understanding of the pending charges and coming court proceedings will be essential in preparing and presenting a focused defense.

Minnesota incident involving deadly weapon leads to murder charge

There are certain crimes that can lead to severe consequences if an individual is convicted. Events that allegedly involve a deadly weapon can often result in serious charges for the individual or individuals suspected to have been involved. One man in Minnesota may be hoping to create a meaningful criminal defense after recently having charges leveled against him.

Minnesota man charged after alleged incident with deadly weapon

When an argument breaks out between individuals, it is possible that the confrontation could escalate into a serious matter. If weapons are involved and an individual is hurt or killed, a party could face charges relating to the use of a deadly weapon. In such a case, the accused individual will likely want to find out more on defensive strategies that could prove useful during legal proceedings.

Gun crime: Man charged in fatal Minnesota shooting

When an alleged incident of criminal activity is considered severe, the charges relating to the event will likely also be severe. As a result, an individual facing serious charges relating to gun crime will likely want to create and present a criminal defense against the allegations. In order to do so in a meaningful manner, an accused individual may want to gain more knowledge on the topic.

Minnesota man facing charges relating to gun crime

When individuals have mental health issues, they may find it difficult to react to certain situations in the proper manner. Unfortunately, these types of situations could escalate, and an individual may find him or herself facing criminal charges. If a weapon was involved in such a situation, that individual may accusations relating to gun crime

Minnesota teen facing murder charge after alleged gun crime

When an alleged criminal event results in the death of an individual, parties suspected of having involvement in the situation could face serious charges. An alleged gun crime could lead to accused parties desiring a better understanding of the legal proceedings that they will likely need to navigate. Luckily, there is information and assistance available for individuals who have been charged in such cases.

Minnesota students charged with possession of firearm

Young individuals may not always make the wisest decisions when they contemplate their actions. As a result, they may find themselves in trouble for some of the activities in which they participate. Though much of the trouble they face would likely be minor, there are situations that could result in individuals facing criminal charges, such as possession of firearm.

Gun crime on the rise at Minnesota university

A police deputy chief stated that he believes that warm weather might have had something to do with the apparent increase in criminal incidents near a local campus. A suspected gun crime took place at the University of Minnesota on a recent weekend. A student was allegedly robbed after being threatened with being shot while visiting a friend in the area.

Are sentences unusually light for gun crime in Hennepin County?

A battle seems to be brewing between Hennepin County judges and public officials. The controversy surrounds what is a perceived leniency when it comes to gun crime. One public official in particular believes that county judges are ignoring the state's sentencing guidelines.

Former Gophers player charged with assault

In the heat of the moment, emotions might run high, and sometimes people find themselves in uncharacteristic situations. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that any ensuing criminal charges can be backed up with reliable evidence. These issues may come up after the recent arrest of a former University of Minnesota quarterback.

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